Schedule of Workshops (free food!)

This exciting medieval culture party starts next week! All sessions will take place from 12-2pm in the Radcliffe Humanities Building, Woodstock Road.
(Savoury snacks will be provided (vegetarians and vegans catered for).
If you can’t attend for the whole two hours, feel free to come to the 1st or 2nd half of the session!
Tuesday of 7th Week (9 June) – ‘Orthodoxies’ (looking at developments in orthodox religious thought) – Matthew Salisbury & Gustav Zamore
Thursday of 7th Week (11 June) – ‘Heterodoxies’ (looking at deviation, heresy, alternative models of religious thought and cultural practice) – Meghan Quinlan & Daniel J Reeve
Tuesday of 8th Week (16 June) – ‘(Natural) Philosophies’ (tracing developments in physiology, philosophy, the Latin Aristotle, etc) – David Bowe & Gustave Zamore
Thursday of 8th Week (18 June) – ‘The Organisation of Knowledge’ (material culture, book history, the rise of encyclopaedias and universities) – Huw Grange & Hannah Ryley

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