Resources – Session 1 – ‘Orthodoxies’ – 09 June 2015


Dr Matthew Cheung Salisbury & Gustav Zamore

Useful links:

Website of AHRC research project on the experience and enactment of medieval worship.

Isidore of Seville’s Etymologies in the original Latin & in English translation.

Plan of a church (All Saints’ parish church, Newchurch, Isle of Wight):

NB – the chancel (and the high altar) are traditionally found at the east end of the church.

– larger churches and cathedrals also had other altars, chapels, and chantries to the Virgin Mary (Lady Chapel) and various saints, as well as a baptistry (sometimes separate from the main church building, as with the Cathedrals of Florence & Pisa), a vestry (where the clergy would dress and also perform parts of the liturgy), & an enclosed choir area (in which the choir would perform their parts of the liturgy). The chancel would have been screened off from the nave. This list is not exhaustive. A more thorough plan, of St. Alban’s Cathedral, which shows many of these additional features, is available through British History Online.


Taken from William Page’s A History of the County of Hampshire, Vol 5 (1912).
Image in the public domain and taken from Wikimedia commons, source: British History Online.

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