Resources – Session 2 – ‘Heterodoxies’ – 11 June 2015


Dr Daniel J Reeve & Meghan Quinlan

The Fourfold Sense of Scripture:

This is the system, widespread/orthodox in medieval Europe, of scriptural exegesis (interpretation of the Bible) according to which the scripture has four modes of meaning, the literal (the description of things that happened), the allegorical (what it figures/represents for a Christian reader), the moral (it’s import for daily life – the behavioural norms that can be derived from it), and the anagogical (looking forward to te eschatological future and the narrative of salvation history).

Heresy, a definition:

Robert Grosseteste – ‘Heresy is an idea [sentenzia] chosen by human perception contrary to scripture, publicly taught and obstinately defended’

The Trivium –

Three disciplines which form the first stage of a medieval education: Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric.

The Quadrivium – 

Four disciplines which form the higher stage of a medieval education: Arithmetic, Geometry, Astronomy, Music.

Scripture cited:

Luke 23:43 – ‘I say to you(,) today(,) you will be with me in paradise’

People cited:

Gautier de Coinci, Miraculous Rhymes, ed. & trans. Tony Hunt (D.S. Brewer, 2007)

Useful Links:

Some Notre Dame Polyphony – Alleluia nativitas by Pérotin

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